Frequently asked questions

Can the jewelry be customized?

Of course, we are happy to respond to your personal wishes and ideas and try to implement them for you as far as the material allows. 

Whether it is engravings or completely made for you design, write us an email or call us. Together we will find a way to make your dream jewelry a reality. 

We ask you to note, however, that each piece that is made especially for you is excluded from exchange or return.

How to care for gold, silver, pearls and precious stones at home?

Of course, we are interested in the fact that you like your jewelry so much that you do not want to take it off, but still, in this case: 

The more often you wear jewelry, the more often you will have to clean it.

Therefore, give it regular time off! Your jewelry doesn't enjoy gardening and it's not a sports fanatic either, water only pleases it to a certain extent.

Always pay attention to its chlorine allergy and be aware of the fact that everything that makes your skin and also your hair shine, is the jewelry's biggest enemy! Gentleness is the best care. 


Gold loves a quick full bath every now and then with a little dishwashing liquid or mild detergent added. Take a soft toothbrush to hand and scrub it gently with it. Rinse well with lukewarm water and then rub well dry with a soft cloth. 

If at some point your sweetie looks a little dull, a little polish with onion juice will also help. To do this, rub generously with onion juice and after a good 3 hours, this again thoroughly rinse under warm water and then rub dry again.  

Always keep your jewelry wrapped in a cloth and wrapped in tissue paper and separate from other jewelry. 

We have therefore chosen for you an extra pretty packaging for the pieces so that you can continue to use them . With gold applies - the higher the alloy the longer you will retain a dreamlike shine. 


Silver, unlike gold, is a real sensitive. Light shy, fresh air sensitive - it prefers a dark storage and would like to have there a piece of aluminum foil or even a piece of chalk with him. As a true neurotic among jewelry, it requires elaborate and regular care. Here, too, small full baths are required. The bath vessel should only be made of glass or plastic and lined with aluminum foil at the bottom. Put the silver in it, pour warm water on it and now pour a good amount of salt on top. Your silver will now smell a little unpleasant, but if you rinse it well clear a few minutes later and dry it very well, it will reward all your effort with a wonderful ,new shine. 

Now for the next egocentric in the jewelry family: pearls! 

They may come from water, but whether you've treated yourself to freshwater or South Sea pearls- pearls like water only in its purest form. So spare them shower gels, chlorine, soaps, creams, etc. 

Please use only water for cleaning. Then dry with a very fine cloth.

Pearls like to lie alone. Close contact with gemstones or precious metals is not desirable. It is best to bed them in fine cloths, silk or even leather. 

Also, please remember that pearl necklaces, if worn regularly, tend to elongate due to the pearl silk wearing out. Therefore, bring them in once a year to be reknotted. 

For gemstone jewelry, there are a few subtleties to consider. Hard gemstones such as rubies, sapphires and diamonds, you can put them in a bath of 25 percent dishwashing liquid and household ammonia and 75 percent warm water from time to time. Admittedly doesn't smell as fine, but it works wonders. Again, a soft toothbrush can be used to help, followed by a good rinse and dry. 

Gemstones that are on the Mohs hardness scale rather in the middle or even in the soft range, such as amber or turquoise, are of rather delicate nature and should only be cleaned carefully with a damp cloth. 

Keep them separate from other jewelry if possible. They tend to scratch the others. 

We hope that we could help you with this little guide to have longer joy in your jewelry.

Which parcel service provider is used for shipping?

We ship your ordered goods with INTEX.


You will receive your shipment in Germany within 2 to 4 working days via INTEX after we have received your order. In special cases, delivery times may be longer. We will inform you immediately of any delays in delivery. International deliveries can take between 5 and 15 working days.

You decide where we should send your shipment, to your personal address or to a delivery address of your choice. Please understand that we only accept secure payment methods, i.e. PayPal and credit card, for deliveries to a different billing address.

How can I return my order?

With us you have a right of withdrawal of 14 working days from delivery of the jewelry. During these 14 days you can return the goods. Please note that only completely returned goods can be exchanged or refunded.

Your personal return label will be sent to you by email - please contact us at for this purpose. 

The return shipment is free of charge for you - regardless of size and weight.

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